Firefox uses may experience audio delays or lag when a scene is first loaded. I highly recommend firefox users to use one of the direct downloads located bellow or temprarily switch to chrome.

Added a new playable character and a new map, to select your character click on the portrait in the main menu to select it, when you first load the game it will not let you start untill you select a character. In the mission killing all the slimes will return you to the main menu and unlock the gallery (still only one animation), dying to slimes will no longer send you to the post game CG.

Scarlet difficulty bonuses
Damage: 10%/22%/30%/40%/60%
Cooldowns reduced: 5%/10%/20%/30%50%
Sarcifice HP cost: 50/45/40/35/30/25

Blair difficulty Bonuses
Damage: 5%/10%/15%/20%/30%

Soulmancers is an erotic action adventure inspired by gameplay of MOBAs such as DoTA, how ever the game perspective and FoV gives great versatility when it comes to gameplay, hence there are 2 playable characters, each with its own unique control scheme, so choose which ever one you find easier to control. Currently it is just a demo but I hope to expand on it pretty soon with a story and progression system. This demo is still in very early alpha and works mostly as a proof of concept.

Scarlet controls are as follow:
Q: Ice Bolt - Ice Wall
W: Thunder Strike - EMP
E: Fireball - Explosion
R: Upgrades Q, W and E to their secondary spell.
D: Teleport, translates Scarlet to any point in your sight with in the bounds of the scene during a short time. Scarlet is invulnerable during this effect.
F: Sacrifice, consumes HP to fill mana bar (you can kill yourself with this as it converts part of your own soul into mana)
S: Stop, stops movement, rotation and if casting cancels the cast and spell does not go into cooldown.

LMB: Cast a triggered spell or ability.
MMB: Click and hold while moving mouse to rotate camera
RMB: Move

F10: Pause (you can keybind in the pause menu but these wont be saved when you reload the page.

Blair Movement Controls

W, A, S, D: Movement
LMB: Shoot - Blair is equiped with 2 hand cannons, pressing this will make her shoot once and increase the spread of her guns.
Mouse: Aim (restricted to blairs 180° front arc, aiming behind her will make her aim straight forward).
1: Relativity - Freezes time for everything except blair
2: Event Horizon - Creates a vortex that sucks enemies into its core, has a very large AOE and deals no damage, its effects are paused during Relativity.
3: Positive Charge: creates a timed mine in blairs current standing position, when it explodes it deals a large ammount of damage over a small ammount of time.
4: Possession: Blair gives in to the demonic entity inside of her, reducing the spread of her guns to zero for a small ammount of time.

LShift: Sprint - Increases Blairs movement speed by 50% but consumes stamina
Space: Dodge - Blair gets rapidly displaced forward at the cost of stamina, she is not invulnerable during this action.

All enemies when killed leave a soul when they die, if you walk close to it, it regenerates mana and HP

When being violated In Game your stamina replenishes faster but you loose HP, you can free yourself by struggling but this will not replenish your stamina, Blair is particularly weak to rape and staying in it for more than 5 seconds will surely end with her dying.

I highly recommend you play the PC version of the game to the WebGL release, the WebGL release has been noted to lag or cause tearing between video/audio during the gallery scene.

any bugs or doubts about the game, feel free to comment or shoot a PM my way.

Also if you feel that this game has potential please consider backing it via Patreon.

Made withUnity
Tags18, Action-Adventure, Erotic, Top-Down


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Who did your artwork for the character portrait and end animation? I thought those were great. This version of the game has great promise, I checked out your latest version on patreon and it seems to be a different game completely. The drawn aspects of this game were really cool,

the newer 3D version on patreon just doesn't look as good and the combat felt much more clunky. And not only that this version you can see your character and it zooms in when youre captured. The other version your character is like 2% of the screen the whole time. I feel like the version on your patreon is a step in the wrong direction. I like what you have here though!

Also you say we can PM you but there is no way to actually contact you.


well isn't this erotic hmm 


well isn't this erotic hmm 


well isn't this erotic hmm